Living Room Sets L108

In fixed pawns, the head can be opened manually and movement capacity 10 degrees forward and 1 backward, totaling 0-90 degrees.

Head movement is motorized in recliner modules. The materials used are first class quality and offer ultra comfort with the use of 35 D 170 sponge and 350 gr fiber in the sessions.

Beech, fir and contra are used in the skeleton making. Fabric types and Abrasion (MARTINDALE) test result are nano-technological easy-to-clean fabrics with MONICA> 30000, CUBIC and IMERA> 22000, LEATHERSER> 5000.

Stokta kalan son 100000 ürün

Technicial Specifications

  Color: Monica 03, Monica 05, Monica 12  
Sofa Content It consists of 2 Recliners + 1 Fixed + 1 Armchair..
Fabric Content  100% polyester fabric consisting of polyester textured yarn is used.. 
Fabric Feature  Soft textured imported knitted fabric is used.. 
Fabric Care  Nano technological wipeable fabric is used.. 
Function Feature  The recliner opens 55 cm forward and lies 15 cm. Head mechanism is driven by 0-90 degree motor. 
Mechanism Feature  Mechanisms are motor connected and fixed control controlled. 
Skeleton Material  Produced from Contra, Hornbeam and Fir trees.. 
Seating and Back Softness  Soft and medium hard sponge is used.  
Session Sponge   35 D 170 Sponge is used. 
Back Sponge Header Sponge  25 D Bird Feather Soft 25 D Bird Feather Hard 
Foot Material  Metal leg  
Triple Seat Size  230*110*80 cm 
Armchair Size    74*85*92 cm 


Jerry 01
Jerry 02
Jerry 04
Jerry 10
Jerry 12
Jerry 13
Jerry 15
Monica 01
Monica 02
Monica 03
Monica 05
Monica 06
Monica 11
Monica 12
Nerm 01
Nerm 02
Nerm 04
Nerm 08
Nerm 10
Nerm 12
Nerm 13
Nerm 15
Nerm 16
Nerm 20
Nerm 27
Nerm 30
Nerm 37
Nerm 38


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